Why Choose Cool Bodi Spa for your CoolSculpting Service?

and 7 other questions to ask any other CoolSculpting provider.


Oklahoma’s only Exclusive CoolSculpting & CoolTone Clinic

We know you are busy and life is hectic.  Other providers only want to see you when it's convenient for them.  We're here when it's convenient for YOU!


We Take it Personal!

We are the only clinic in the entire state of Oklahoma where the owner personally conducts every consultant, treatment, and follow-up, following you from the start of your journey, until the end. 

You and your journey are what matters. That is why our owner, Kristy provides every one of our clients with her personal phone number. You can reach out whenever you need and rest assured you are in good hands. At CoolBodiSpa, you are not just a number and not just a client. You are part of the CoolBodiSpa family.


Newest CoolSculpting Equipment

CoolSculpting is constantly designing new applicators, machines and accessories to treat new areas with shorter treatment times.  Other CoolSculpting providers still use the old technology applicators and/or do not have every applicator required to treat every area properly. So, they will either talk you out of treating an area they can't do or worse yet, treat you improperly. We always have the newest, most up to date CoolSculpting equipment to ensure that you always receive the latest technology and get the best results.


Same Day Appointments & Treatments

Other offices that provide Coolsculpting also offer dozens of other services and Coolsculpting is just a "sideline" business for them.  At Cool Bodi Spa, Coolsculpting IS our primary service. Coolsculpting is an art form and requires the provider to be extremely proficient at it.  And that only comes when you perform a high number of treatments. No other provider in the area has as much Coolsculpting experience as Cool Bodi Spa. You will get the best result possible with us.


Pampering MedSpa & Outrageous Client Experience

Our facility is completely designed around YOUR Coolsculpting experience.  Always impeccably clean, each treatment room has a luxury massage bed and a large, flat-screen TV with complimentary wifi, Netflix, and HULU.  We even include lunch or dinner during your treatment!  When you are with us, your comfort and treatment experience are of the utmost importance.


Easy, Affordable Payment Terms

Sometimes if you really want something, having a low monthly payment can make a difference.  If needed, we work with multiple financial partners to make your Coolsculpting treatment very affordable.  There's even an option with zero interest if paid within 6 months.  Now there's no reason why anyone who desires Coolsculpting can't have it.


Our Exclusive Coolsculpting Suite and CoolTone Suite

We have separate lounges for our Coolsculpting and Cooltone clients, providing you with a luxurious and privately relaxing visit.


Open 7 Days a Week & Offer Evening Appointments

Most often we can schedule a consultation appointment and a treatment the very same day.  Since we are the largest Coolsculpting provider in the area we have the ability to work around your schedule so you can receive the benefits of Coolsculpting today.

So Here's Your Checklist.

Does YOUR CoolSculpting provider...

  • Open 7 days a week and evenings?
  • Has the newest CoolSculpting Elite machine?
  • Offers hands-on treatment provided by the owner who follows you from your journey, start to end?
  • Offers same day consult appointments & treatments?
  • Specializes in CoolSculpting?
  • Pampers you in luxury and provides a meal during your treatment?
  • Offers you multiple, easy, affordable payment terms?
  • Performs the highest amount of CoolSculpting treatments in the area?