Freeze your stubborn stomach fat your Muffin Top with CoolSculpting...

For many of our female clients the stomach is their most frustrating problem area. Whether it’s a small area or large area of stomach fat, we can treat it! The dreaded Muffin Top is the extra roll of fat that bulges over your pants. Women want to wear tighter jeans, cute swim suits, sexier dresses and feel confident... but their muffin top stops them from doing so. That is where we can step in, freeze your fat, and help you reach your goals. After you've had CoolSculpting on your stomach and we remove that stubborn stomach fat, you'll be searching for more form fitting outfits.  If you are fed up with your stomach fat or love handles (flanks) you'll want to schedule a complimentary consult with our CoolSculpting Specialist.  CoolSculpting has been shown to reduce stomach fat significantly and we have our own clients results to show for it.

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